Social recruiting.

Outsource your social media recruitment to an expert team.

Post to thousands of high quality social media jobs pages and groups all in one place.


How it works.

  • We assign you with a social media recruitment expert to manage all your content distribution on Facebook pages and groups, Instagram, Twitter and more.

  • We provide you with an easy to use social media account to track your postings, engagement and results.

  • Our creative team can help build powerful campaigns on the right platforms to connect with active and passive candidates.

  • All for a low cost monthly fee.

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The common problems with social media recruitment.

  • Your marketing department is reluctant to post job content on the company Facebook page.

  • You do not want to post jobs connected to your personal social media account.

  • You are concerned about the impact negative comments could have on your employer brand.

  • Your brand does not connect with job seekers and you are struggling to achieve results.

Why use us.

  • Jobster are the UK’s leading social media recruitment specialists.

  • We manage all the posting and comments for you, using our trusted brand and expert team.

  • We have hundreds of Facebook “jobs in" pages connected to thousands of local groups.

  • Jobster is unique and prominent in social media search for thousands of job related search terms worldwide.

  • We have millions of registered followers of our social media accounts and with advanced targeting tools, we can reach up to sixteen million people in the UK.

  • Social media tools enable easy sharing and referrals for job posts.

  • Unlike a typical job board you can reach an active and passive audience with social media posts and spread the word very quickly.