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How we work with our clients.

  • We post vacancies and manage candidate applications online.

  • Vacancies are listed in Google jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook jobs and hundreds of other job boards for 28-days.

  • We use LinkedIn to find and approach candidates on your behalf.

  • Using our recruiting skills we prepare a short-list of six candidates that are pre-screened and prepped for the role.

  • We arrange all interviews at a time and location to suit you.

  • We charge a low cost fixed cost agreed with the client in advance.

Google Hire.

  • Jobster are the first online recruitment businesses in the UK to partner with Google Hire.

  • We use the power of Google Hire to promote vacancies and manage candidate applications online.

  • We create an advertisement and distribute it on leading job boards including Google jobs, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Monster and hundreds of others.

  • All candidates are communicated with using professional email templates.

  • We provide a seamless candidate journey from application to interview.