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73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through social media – Jobvite.

Facebook is the fastest growing platform for recruitment in the world. It has become a go to place for recruiters looking to attract local candidates with jobs ads and networking. 

Jobs Marketplace


    Search and apply to local listings for roles in a variety of sectors. It is quick and easy, and you can use your Facebook profile to apply on your mobile. – Just click “Apply Now”.

Like Jobs Pages

  • Like / follow professional job pages for regular updates. Much like receiving jobs by email from a job board.

  • Typically, job pages work in partnership with recruiters and often feature roles that are hidden and not advertised anywhere else or before they are advertised. Following a page is a good way to be the first to apply and make yourself visible to recruiters.

  • You can also search from the “community’ tab on a Facebook page to find job posts from visitors of that page.

  • Jobster have the UK’s largest network of Facebook jobs pages and can be searched here:

Join Groups

  • Join local groups to search for jobs and ask for recommendations.

  • Often groups can be used for buying and selling items and there are lots of them, so select carefully which groups to join, or you will only find ads for second hand playstations and microwaves.

How the application procedure works.

  • Facebook applications do not enable you to attach a CV to your application unless you apply direct to the employer. 

  • The Facebook jobs system enables candidates to apply for jobs using work and education detail from a Facebook profile – compressed into a formatted CV and downloaded as a PDF for a recruiter.

  • Make sure that your Facebook profile contains up to date employer information and the correct email and phone number. For example, if the email on your account is no longer in use, you may never receive a response.

  • Recruiters receive candidate applications via the Facebook page and are able to contact with you and arrange an interview via Facebook Messenger. Make sure you have the Messenger App on your phone with push notifications enabled for a quick reply.

Following up your application

It is a really good idea to follow up any job application. It will vastly increase your chances of standing out from the crowd and winning an interview. Especially on Facebook, where recruiters have no CV to work with and lots of applications.

Businesses use their Facebook page or an associated recruitment page to post their jobs. Keep track of this, visit the page and use Messenger to message the page and follow up your application. Keep at it and don’t take no for an answer – recruiters notice this, but don’t over do it.


Jobster help businesses of all sizes and in all sectors promote jobs more effectively on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. If you need assistance advertising jobs or setting up a Facebook page for your business, please visit:

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