How to use Facebook Business Manager as a Recruiting Tool

Think of Facebook Business Manager as a “mini ATS” for local recruitment.

Integrating Facebook and Instagram into your recruitment strategy is easier than you might think and the tools are easy to use and free to access.

73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through social media and Facebook has become the go to place for recruiters to target a local audience. This makes it an essential tool for your online recruitment strategy. Installing Facebook Business Manager is a great start. Its really simple to use and doesn’t require any special training, if you already know how to post something on Facebook, you can use business manager.

Facebook Business Manager enables easy integration of your existing company Facebook and Instagram accounts to manage them all in one place. If your marketing department will not give you free reign to use the company Facebook page to promote jobs, you can also set up new pages for free to promote certain types of activity. For example you may want to create a recruitment page for your business. You can delegate user rights to specific people in the business to manage content or post jobs and treat Facebook Business Manager as a “mini ATS” for local recruitment.

You can create projects and lines of business and organise the management of postings and candidate applications.

Partnering opportunities.

Facebook Business Manager allows partner opportunities to easily integrate existing pages from other providers into your account. This makes it quick and easy to access the pages and followers of both Facebook, Instagram and soon WhatsApp. has the UK’s largest network of Facebook and Instagram “jobs in” pages covering every major town, city and industry sector in the UK. You can integrate our established pages into your Facebook Business Manager account and begin advertising to a local audience.