High-street recruitment in the palm of your hands

The high-street in the United Kingdom is changing at speed. It is easy and fast to buy anything online and have it delivered the next day. In 2019 why would you waste fuel, parking expense and valuable time searching for that hard to find item. Unless of course you would like a nice day out with the family or you have forgotten someone’s birthday last minute.

Amazon is having an impact on local retail but Facebook is also contributing. For example where did you see an advertisement for a pair of sunglasses on a Shopify website (because they know you have just booked flights to Spain). 

It is not exclusive to retail and the changing landscape will impact many types of businesses, including high-street recruitment agencies.

High-street agencies are traditionally focused towards lower level roles, including entry level, non-qualified and office support. They often have an open-door policy with candidates able to walk off the street to register and the focus is more of quantity over quality, with varying levels of skills, in various sectors. They are dependent on a heavy footfall on the high-street.

Facebook have free to use recruiting tools as part of a business page that are perfectly geared to attracting and recruiting entry level roles. You are able to post jobs, message candidates, short-list and schedule interviews. Any business can create a page and it is a great solution for finding local talent (the only problem being that you have to do the recruiting yourself and the use of your valuable time means it is not actually free to recruit or necessarily successful).

The other significant change for recruitment on the high street is GDPR. Changes in data protection laws and GDPR mean it is increasingly difficult for local agencies to hold candidate data and share CV's with employers. Social media provides a natural evolution of recruitment communication and a complaint approach. 

73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job on social media (Jobvite), which highlights the changing landscape and with Facebook recruiting tools puts everything you need for local recruitment in the palm of your hands. 

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