Bing jobs gets LinkedIn

In June 2016 Microsoft acquired LinkedIn and many in the online recruitment world have wondered what the plans are for the platform. With speculation about integration of office products and a new recruiting platform, little seems to have changed, until now.

Microsoft owned Bing is the second biggest search engine in the world and one of the top fifty most searched websites. New to their search results, they have launched their own version of Google jobs, with bing search results aggregating job postings from LinkedIn.

It would appear that LinkedIn have started to aggregate job postings from other platforms, presumably to increase the number of posts (which has always been fairly limited, when compared to job boards).

Watch this space, a Google Hire alternative that is integrated into Office 365 is probably just around the corner. are experts in online recruitment. We create powerful advertising campaigns on job boards and social media. To find out more about our solutions, please visit us at

Oliver Adderley