Google Hire is here and it is a big deal for online recruitment

Google Hire is now available in the UK and it looks to revolutionise the ATS and job posting market.

Prices starting from c£85 per month on a 12 month agreement, Google Hire enables users to create a careers page, post jobs and manage the applications, with all the usual tools of a typical ATS provides but for a fraction of the cost.

Job posts are automatically listed in Google jobs search and integrated with Indeed and Glassdoor. You can easily multi-post to other job boards using a really simple tracking link generator.

There is a catch. You have to be a G-suite customer to use Google Hire. If your business is integrated with Microsoft office and Outlook it might be a difficult transition. are experts in online recruitment and we can help you integrate Google Hire or we can manage a campaign for you using Google Hire capabilities to attract talent.

If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch and we will arrange a call back.

Some of the benefits listed on the Google Hire website include:

  • G Suite sync: No need to bounce between software products to schedule interviews and send emails anymore. Keep working where you already are—in Gmail and in Google Calendar.

  • Seamless collaboration: Organize candidates in a collection, then share easily with your hiring manager for quick feedback. Share feedback about candidates on their profiles and @mention Hiring team members.

  • Customizable hiring process: Create hiring stages that make every role’s hiring process unique, such as coding tests for engineers and onsite presentations for salespeople. Customize your feedback scale with ratings familiar to your team, whether -2 to +2 or A to F.

  • In-app scheduling: Drag and drop interviews into available slots, adjust their duration, and select a free room. Every interview is synced to Google Calendar, and context-rich calendar invitations are sent to the interviewer and the candidate.

  • Reporting: Get up-to-date reports on Candidate pipeline, Source efficiency, Rejection reasons, and Time to hire. Export to Google Sheets easily.

  • Data migration: Our team can transition data from a legacy system.

  • Feedback tracking: Submit feedback from anywhere with our mobile-friendly form. While you’re taking notes or writing feedback, you’ll see the candidate’s resume and job description.

Oliver Adderley