The hidden advantages of applying direct to the employer

The first question to look out for in an interview is “did you apply through an agency or directly”.

Did you know that if you are put forward by a recruitment agency for an interview with an employer, you could carry a potential fee to the employer if they decide to offer you the job.

This can range from anywhere between 10 - 30% of your first year income with the employer. This is dependent upon the type of job, the level of the role and the agency you are registered with. Entry level roles usually start at the lower end of the fee spectrum and senior level roles the higher.

As a hypothetical example, if you are interviewed for a role with a potential employer and your projected first year income is £20,000 and the agency putting you forward is charging the employer 20% as a fee, the employer could have to pay up to £4,000 for your services.

Typically a direct employer will interview a number of candidates for a vacancy. They are sourced from a number of areas, including job boards, online databases, recruitment agencies and speculative CV’s that they have received directly (normally through the careers website or via email).

If you are in an interview short-list against another candidate that has applied directly (with no fee attached) and with a similar skill set, it could put you at a potential disadvantage. In the modern world of online recruitment and the tools available to source candidates directly, employers are constantly seeking new ways to avoid expensive agency fees.

When you start a job search, think about the companies you would like to work for. Find their careers websites online or find other jobs advertised on job boards by that particular employer. You can do that easily by typing “jobs employer name” into Google or Facebook. Find the contact details and send your CV directly. It sets a great first impression for the employer and even if they are not recruiting, often (and with your consent) they will retain your details in recruitment systems and talent pools.

Jobster do not charge agency fees. We help employers source candidates directly.

Oliver Adderley